Four signs that you need a managed services provider

Work is piling up. Resources are spread thin. And staff is feeling the effects of fatigue and burnout. You need help—and you need it quickly. Could support from a managed services provider be your solution?

Companies of all sizes choose to free up resources and drive higher quality products and solutions by engaging managed services providers (MSPs) who take complete responsibility for managing designated IT systems or processes for a business, including 24/7 monitoring, issue resolution, reporting, quality assurance, and other areas. MSPs like Beyondsoft most commonly offer services in security and compliance, networking and infrastructure, disaster recovery, and cloud services, as well as help desk support. In fact, according to Statista the global managed services market is set to swell to $274 billion by 2026.

Here are four signs that you need a managed services provider, as well as some recent examples of how Beyondsoft managed services has helped clients accelerate business and alleviate pain points.

1. You’re not spending enough time on your core business

You’ve got business challenges to solve and product goals to meet. But your team is spending increasing amounts of time addressing customer issues, managing data and infrastructure, dealing with security and compliance, or handling any number of IT-related issues. 

While these tasks are important, they’re not propelling business. By offloading this kind of work to an MSP, you can free up your staff to leverage their core competencies and focus on the work that drives your business goals forward.

Here’s an example: our large technology customer wanted to free up engineers’ time managing infrastructure distributed across more than 200 data centers. They decided to deploy autonomous navigation and sensing platforms to the sites to handle routine tasks such as facilitating video conferencing with onsite technicians, enabling remote equipment inspections, monitoring hazards, and tracking conditions like temperature and humidity. 

But deploying and managing the autonomous device program would require highly specialized skillsets and a great deal of time. So, they chose to leverage Beyondsoft managed services in three areas: deployment and support, quality assurance and testing, and design and development. Within less than a year, the three Beyondsoft managed services teams had tested and deployed multiple devices and had started adding performance optimizations as well as new features requested by the client. Meanwhile, the program has freed up engineers to prioritize their core business. 

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2. You’re wanting to operate more efficiently

Some processes and functions can eat up time and productivity—especially when they fall outside your team’s primary capabilities. An example is managing a help desk. You not only need streamlined, automated processes, you need skilled professionals who can quickly and efficiently troubleshoot issues and close out tickets.

Handing off functions such as IT and customer support desks can reduce overhead and increase productivity at a lower cost than building out your own help desk.

The Microsoft OEM Operations team needed a new content delivery platform to support their OEM partners and increase their overall efficiency. They engaged Beyondsoft managed services to establish a new service desk platform and implement a new publishing model that improved the efficiency of content creation, modification, and audit processes.

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3. You’ve got to scale quickly

Whether you’ve expanded into a new market and need global customer support or you’re managing seasonal fluctuations and need to grow your team’s capabilities, having the agility to scale up and down is essential. That’s where having an MSP can be a game-changer. An experienced, global managed services provider has systems and teams in place to scale as your business needs shift.

Our customer needed to quickly operationalize their Cloud for Startups program and onboard venture capital partner startups. Our customer also needed to offer a premium white-glove experience for the program’s members. They engaged Beyondsoft to quickly ramp up an experienced team that had delivered outstanding results in a similar program. As the program rolled out, the Beyondsoft concierge support team began to fully manage the program’s application and onboarding processes and respond to all program, product, and service inquiries and resolve all partnership, eligibility, and billing issues.

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4. You need expanded skillsets and technologies

As technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning evolve, new opportunities emerge to accelerate digital transformation. But training staff or hiring for specific competencies can be cost-prohibitive. Again, that’s where managed services can help. By working with a managed services provider, you can take advantage of emerging technologies without investing in additional training or expanding headcount.

The Microsoft Customer Service and Support organization operates more than a hundred call centers worldwide for consumer products like Windows, Office and Xbox. To track the success of their call center ecosystem more thoroughly and efficiently, they engaged Beyondsoft managed services to scale their operation by customizing and deploying the Beyondsoft Intelligent Operations Platform (BIOPS).

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning solution, BIOPS eliminated manual processes and enabled automated monitoring, issue detection, and alerts. In addition, our client also benefited from automated ticket escalation, call-to-action, and root cause analysis. Within a few months, Beyondsoft more than doubled its monitoring capability to 100% coverage and reduced incident response time – all without adding headcount.

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Beyondsoft Managed Services

These are just a few signs that you could benefit from a managed services partner like Beyondsoft. Other advantages include cost savings, lower capital expenditure, and increased quality. Learn more about managed services from Beyondsoft or contact us to talk to one of our experts.

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