Say hello to productivity with intelligent automation

One of the biggest archenemies to productivity is the tedious, repetitive task. Although such tasks may be vital, they can soak up hours of precious time that could be better spent focused on accelerating business goals.

Consider the status report. Employees can rack up hours every month chasing down metrics, updates, and other information to keep stakeholders informed. Not only can status updates pose a massive time suck that diverts them from business priorities, the information quickly goes stale—unlike a dashboard that uses intelligent technologies to automatically analyze data for real-time monitoring.

Of course, productivity isn’t the only advantage of business process automation. Organizations that automate can reduce human error and increase speed and quality of services while driving a far better customer experience. In fact, by 2024 Gartner predicts that organizations will shrink operational costs by 30% through the combination of hyper-automation technologies and redesigned operational processes.

In this article, we’ll share some guidance for uncovering intelligent automation opportunities and how Beyondsoft customers have used artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and smart analytics to eliminate manual business processes and drive productivity and profitability.

Uncovering opportunities for intelligent automation

When looking for opportunities to automate, start by compiling a list of tasks done frequently or on a schedule and then determining if those tasks are a good fit for automation. Manual, time-consuming tasks that occur with significant frequency may be good automation candidates. Additionally, automation candidates:

  • May require interaction with IT processes
  • Have logic- and rules-based activities
  • Use structured formats
  • Are prone to human error
  • Can be scheduled after hours

Once you have your list of automation candidates, it’s time to evaluate candidates based on complexity, including scope and size and the time savings gained through automation. Look for candidates with higher value and lower complexity. These opportunities will help you realize a greater return on your investment than lower value, higher complexity candidates.

After narrowing your list of automation candidates, it’s time to prioritize. Look at measuring overall value of automation based on granular criteria such as:

  • Implementation costs
  • Scalability
  • Quality and performance improvements
  • Enhanced standardization
  • Staff impacts

Once you’ve got your list of candidates, work with a partner like Beyondsoft that has deep expertise in intelligent business process automation to bring your ideas to fruition. Below are a few examples of how Beyondsoft has helped other companies solve problems through intelligent automation.

Automating insights for eCommerce companies

The ability to derive insights from big data is a competitive differentiator in the world of ecommerce. But without AI and machine learning capabilities, analyzing data for customer segmentation, dynamic pricing, inventory management, and forecasting is highly manual and incomplete at best.

By leveraging machine learning as a service (MLaaS) from Beyondsoft, two ecommerce companies were able to automate predictive insights.

  • A premium cruise line leveraged MLaaS to understand customer behaviors and consumption patterns, increase prediction accuracy from 34% to 80%, generate targeted offers, and up-sell new services.
  • A cloud services provider used MLaaS to predict user needs with accuracy, uncover hidden buyers, and automate targeted campaigns.
  • An airline service provider used MLaaS to identify passenger behavior and purchase patterns to launch targeted campaigns and promotions as well as dynamic pricing to increase sales, with millions of predictions computed in less than a minute.

Automating call center monitoring for Microsoft Customer Service and Support organization

Microsoft’s Customer Service and Support (CSS) business runs 100+ call centers around the world for their consumer products. They were relying primarily on manual processes to monitor 50% of the calls. They needed an intelligent solution to scale monitoring without expanding headcount.

By customizing and deploying an AI and machine learning-based intelligent operations solution from Beyondsoft, the Microsoft CSS team was able to automate monitoring, issue detection and escalation, alerts, and root cause analysis for 100% of the calls—all while reducing incident response time.

Get started with intelligent automation

As technologies advance, companies are finding new ways to transform business success through intelligent automation. While identifying opportunities can be straightforward, automating them can be more difficult. Even if you have the skillsets within your organization, your staff may not have the time to spare. That’s where Beyondsoft can help.

Beyondsoft has been helping global customers transform success using the latest innovations and industry best practices for more than 20 years. With more than 14,000 employees worldwide, we can help your business drive efficiency, productivity, and profitability through intelligent automation. Services include:

  • Business process automation
  • AI and advanced data analytics
  • Data visualization and dashboards
  • Data and systems integration
  • Data labeling and pattern recognition

Contact an expert today to learn how Beyondsoft can help accelerate your business results through intelligent automation.

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