Manage stress and banish burnout with these 7 tips

Banish burnout with these 7 tips from beyondsoft
Banish burnout before it begins. In this article, we share seven tips to help you manage stress and keep burnout at bay.

Nearly everyone experiences burnout at one time or another. Between work and life stressors, things can get busy and overwhelming, draining our physical and emotional strength. If left unmanaged, burnout erodes our physical and emotional health. According to a Gallup workplace study, around three-quarters of employees have sometimes felt burned out on the job.

The good news is that you have tools at your disposal to help manage stress and banish burnout. To help, we’ve assembled seven tips. If you’re considering a career move, check out the latest opportunities at Beyondsoft.

1. Use your vacation days

Time away is just what the doctor ordered. Taking a break from work demands and engaging in activities you love can be rejuvenating. Vacations boost both mental and physical health. Plus, stepping away ultimately powers productivity once you return.

2. Set strong boundaries

Feeling swamped? You might need to work on your boundaries. Setting boundaries helps you take control of your time, so you can save it for the things that matter most. Boundaries help you stay focused on your priorities and avoid getting overwhelmed by peripheral tasks. Setting strong boundaries also helps alleviate stress while ensuring the people around you understand and respect your limits.

3. Do something active

Whether walking or playing your favorite sport (tennis, anyone?), staying active does more than just improve your physical health. It releases neurotransmitters that increase sensations of pleasure and boost oxygen levels in the brain while also lowering stress hormones. 

4. Practice gratitude

Speaking of stress hormones, did you know that practicing gratitude can lower cortisol and has a direct impact on life satisfaction? Plus, when we emphasize the positive, it helps us minimize the negative, feel inspired, and overcome worry and frustration. Focus on what you’re grateful for. In fact, write it down in your journal in the evening to increase your sense of calm and refocus your thoughts on what matters most in your life.

5. Prioritize self-care

While this can mean different things to different people, self-care is about putting yourself and your needs first. It means doing something that nurtures and restores you. So whether it’s a power nap, time alone, or reading a novel, make self-care a part of your routine. Go ahead and schedule it now. We’ll wait.

6. Get some shuteye

Sleep deprivation is a vicious cycle, both a cause and a symptom of burnout. It can also trigger several other health issues, including dementia. That means you need to prioritize your sleep. Create a routine to wind down, such as reading or meditation. Put away electronic devices and try to go to bed at the same time each night. Your goal? Aim for seven or more hours of sleep every night.

7. Find a job at Beyondsoft

Sometimes, you just need a new job to banish burnout. If your job isn’t right for you or if you’re looking to take that next career step, check out the latest career opportunities at Beyondsoft. Beyondsoft prioritizes health and wellness for our employees. We offer competitive compensation and benefits along with a culture that embodies continuous learning and growth, with a dedicated focus on employee satisfaction and work/life balance.

Sr. Project Manager (Remote): Help our financial services client deliver critical enterprise initiatives, establishing program management structures and driving collaboration across workstreams and domains to ensure efficient coordinated delivery.

Sr. DevOps Engineer (Remote): Support CI/CD/CT strategy and implementation in an AWS cloud environment. In this role, you’ll design and deliver automated infrastructure using Terraform Enterprise/Cloud; design microservices architecture using container orchestration platforms; establish best practices for AWS cloud infrastructure; and perform other key responsibilities.

Business Development Manager (Remote): Grow our Managed Services business, overseeing end-to-end, go-to-market strategic planning, generating business opportunities, and closing sales with new and existing enterprise accounts.

Software Engineer (Seattle, WA): Use your knowledge of distributed systems and cloud computing to solve problems and empower seamless experiences. You’ll work on micro-services using technologies such as Nodejs, React, and Go to deliver new features and products to the Samsung Cloud Platform.  

Manager, Marketing Analytics (Remote): Apply your love for data managing digital marketing analytics for a high-profile client in the automotive industry. In this leadership role, you’ll oversee strategy, storytelling, and implementation of analytics technology and manage a team of direct reports.

Software Engineer (Remote): Apply your expertise with technologies such as Nodejs, React, and Go to ship new features and products, solve complex issues, and help shape a seamless customer experience.

Senior Back-end Developer (Remote): In support of the Compliance Finance team, you will design creative solutions using skills in Service Oriented Architecture, real-time systems, data processing pipelines, machine learning, graph algorithms, feature visualization, and payments technologies.

Printer Test Technician 1 (Vancouver, WA): Break into the technology field! In this role, you will perform tests to determine the functionality of mechanical equipment. You will run test scripts according to guidelines, observe printer behavior, and compare results with predetermined parameters.

Printer Test Technician 2 (Vancouver, WA): In this position, you will perform tests to determine mechanical and computer equipment functionality. You’ll also ensure instruments are calibrated and verified regularly and work with engineers to test, debug, and troubleshoot equipment and products.