A full service marketing agency in North America

Modernising and migrating monolithic ad-tech platform to AWS

Business challenge

Client is a Market leader in digital ad verification and fraud prevention, with a presence in 13 countries across the globe. Offers an adtech platform that enables users to track, analyse, and optimise ad campaigns running on leading partner platforms like Facebook. The client’s monolithic adtech platform had to be refactored to exploit the advantages offered by the cloud and migrated to AWS.


Beyondsoft decomposed the adtech platform by segregating the integration logic for each partner platform. An event-driven ingestion pipeline and containerisation of core services enabled unbounded scalability while maximising cost savings. Designed a server-less architecture which leverages Amazon Elastic Container Service and AWS Fargate to minimise operating costs. The refactored platform exposes HTTP-based endpoints which consume ad events from partner platforms. Implemented the ad events ingestion pipeline with publisher-subscriber pattern using Amazon Kinesis. Created a data lake using Amazon S3 and AWS Glue, where the ingested data is collected and processed. Deployed a background process using Kinesis Producer Library to smooth the shape of incoming traffic and prevent message loss.

Project outcome metrics

- Improved application performance, with well-defined observability processes
Highly available, reliable, and fault-tolerant cloud-native architecture
Enhanced codebase allows easy integration with new partner platforms

Summary of the services used in the project

  • Event-driven ingestion pipeline – Containerisation 
  • Serverless architecture 
  • Publisher-subscriber pattern 
  • Data Lake

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