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Business challenge

Our client wanted to move from On prem devops tool chain to SaaS based DevOps platform.

The existing on-premise CI/CD tool Bamboo have about >1000 development pipelines, impeded growth, cadence and flexibility. The UI based configuration doesn’t allow project structure inheritance, versioning and extensiblity. Credentials for production servers stored within the environment was a security nightmare. They also needed to speedup build times, reduce artefact size, automate patching, shift security left and enable integration with third party quality and validation tools.


Beyondsoft identified and implemented a SaaS-based DevSecOps alternative to Bamboo, through PoC and rigorous evaluation criteria. 

  • Offered managed build agents, and support for Linux, Windows, and Mac builds.
  • Integrated easily with static and dynamic application security testing tool sets.
  • Integrated with Gerrit, and supports industry-standard configuration approaches.
  • Integrated with AWS via OpenID Connect, and supports identity automation with AWS or Terraform.
  • Enabled shared codebase, parallel build and deployment, and build-once-deploy-everywhere.

Project outcome metrics

Managed build agents enable 2x faster addition of new builds
Improved developer experience and lower operational overheads
Automating patching and updating reduces effort and improves security
Shifting security left enables secure-by-design solutions
Standardising build scripts with YAML cuts efforts by 50%
Faster builds to accelerate time to production.

Summary of the services used in the project

  • Product Lifecycle transformation
  • DevSecOps
  • Managed Build Agents
  • AWS
  • Terraform
  • Gerrit

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